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The Best Country Songs for Female Empowerment

Country music has some of the strongest women in the music industry, and the music they create exemplifies that strength. There are countless songs that can bring a feeling of empowerment, and the ones named in this article are only a few.

1. “Redesigning Women” by The Highwomen

The Highwomen is one of the best supergroups in the country genre, and despite the fact that they only released one album, that album is practically perfection. “Redesigning Women," titled after the old TV show Designing Women, was the band’s first release. It talks about all the things that women do in the world and how much they juggle. The song lyrics that start the song— "Old time living on a half time schedule / Always tryin’ to make everybody feel special”—truly encapsulate the experience of being a woman, and it’s a great way to welcome the song's topic, and also the group. Songs like “If She Ever Leaves Me” and “Crowded Table” were close seconds when picking the tracks on this list.

2. “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” by Shania Twain

This song is on the list because of the positive tone surrounding being a woman and defying societal standards for needing to act a certain way. It also feels like one of the OG empowerment songs. Lines like, “Go totally crazy / Gorget I’m a lady” and “I wanna be free yeah / To feel the way I feel” show Twain’s desire to let loose and be who she is without the expectations placed upon women.

3. “Follow Your Arrow” by Kacey Musgraves