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The Nash New Artist Interview – Mike Ryan

Country singer-songwriter Mike Ryan grew up in San Antonio, Texas, and listened to a variety of music growing up. His parents had season tickets to the Majestic Theatre in the city where he would watch musicals and symphonies. His grandfather was also a band director. “Music was pretty involved all throughout my life,” he tells us. As he got older, he listened to blues, classic rock, and of course, fell in love with ‘90s country. He also discovered more of the Texas music scene in college.

At the same time, songwriting became prevalent for Ryan in their college years as well. After he graduated, he knew he wanted to give music a go above anything else. “Before I took any other job I wanted to give the music business job a shot,” he says. In 2013 he scored a publishing deal with Sea Gayle Music in Nashville. “A couple years into that deal, I got a session with Chris Dubois and Brent Anderson and Smith Ahunquist and we started on this idea, there’s a first time for anything and a last time for a lot of things too,” he explains. “It’s an interesting topic we decided we wanted to write about and got a pretty good song going.”

After they began the song, two of the co-writers had a session with country star Brad Paisley the very next day and he loved it. As soon as the song was done, Paisley recorded it. “Last Time for Everything” landed as the second track on Paisley’s 2017 album Love and War. “All of this happened within a matter of days,” Ryan exclaims as if he’s still dumbfounded by the experience. “I didn’t even realize the song was done. I was like, ‘Woah, that’s awesome.’ I’m super proud of that s