Toby Schütgens "Red Old Tractor" Song Review

A new artist by the name of Toby Schütgens has a brand new song out called “Red Old Tractor” for everyone who loves a bit of nostalgia. An acoustic version of the song is also available on streaming platforms.

Currently living in Germany, Schütgens is proof that country music is a world-wide passion for many. He began writing music at the age of 14. Now, he and his wife operate a small horse business while he finds time for writing and performing his material. Schütgens is currently an independent artist who distributes his music online. “I started to publish my own songs as independent artist at first in August last year. It's kinda straight from the bonfires to the digital world wide web. It's currently very exciting because there is some much happening around it and I am really looking forward to where this road will go to,” said Schütgens in a press release.

The song definitely is a fresh take. It leans into the rock inspired country that many would find familiar sounding, all while branching out into something they haven’t heard before. Schütgens' indie vibe can be felt throughout the track. The drums have a consistent beat that take you right to where the singer want you to go.

The lyrics take the listener on a journey through Schütgens’ navigation of a tractor. “I was just a boy, maybe at the age of 10, when I been taught to operate the red old diesel tractor.” He studies the majesty behind the engineering of the tractor and marvels at its ability to take control. His story is like many country singers here in the states. This song is an ode to the farmer, no matter where he might be.

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