Undiscovered: 5 Carly Pearce Songs We Think You’ll Love

We are helping to celebrate Carly Pearce’s birthday today but highlighting five lesser-known songs that you may not know already.

1. “Halfway Home”

“Halfway Home” is an emotional ballad on the songstress’s sophomore album Carly Pearce. Written by Pearce, Jimmy Robbins, and Laura Veltz, the heartfelt track depicts the hardships of falling out of love with somebody and keeping that confession from that person just a little bit too long.” She sings, “Halfway right doesn’t make it right. // Halfway wrong is still wrong. // Half of me is with you here tonight. // And half of me is long gone. // You can try to tell a heart to feel something that it don’t. // But halfway to heaven isn’t heaven. // And halfway home just ain’t home.” 

2. “If My Name Was Whiskey”

Written by Pearce, Busbee, and Shane McAnally and featured on Pearce’s debut Every Little Thing, “If My Name Was Whiskey” is a sad truth to the realization of being second best to whiskey. Now, personifying whiskey is a common concept in country music but the country singer + songwriter does so with such heart and vulnerability that it makes you feel as if you lived it yourself. 

3. “Honeysuckle”

Also a staple of the singer + songwriter’s debut Every Little Thing, “Honeysuckle” is a tribute to being young and in love. Written by busbee, Hillary Lindsey, and Barry Dean, the track is an airy ode to the little things that make a summer in love so cherishable. She sings, “And that’s me and you // And the mustang blue // Tonight, with your arms around me // The summer heat, meltin’ me // Right into you, nothin’ compares // To I need you baby, echoin’ out the windows // On that dark road with the honeysuckle in the air.

4. “29”

It’s no secret that the Kentucky native has seen some hard days recently, but those hard days have turned into a piece of art, perhaps one of the singer + songwriter’s most personal projects to date. Self-described as, “the hardest album of my life,” the title track “29” takes one through all of the expectations that she had for the year and what actually happened. 

“But for me, 29 is the year that I got married and divorced / I held on for dear life, but I still fell off the horse / From a miss to a missus then the other way around / The year I was gonna live it up, now I’m never gonna live it down."

5. “I Need A Ride Home” 

Written by Hillary Lindsey, Ashley Gorley, and Matt Jenkins, “I Need A Ride Home” is one of those songs of Carly’s that compliment her authentic and distinctive sound. She has a way of coupling simplicity and emotional depth and blossoming it into something purely exceptional, and “I Need A Ride Home” does just that. It’s a nostalgic song about the comfortability of a hometown. 

Happy Birthday, Carly!

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