Undiscovered: 5 Thomas Rhett Songs You May Have Missed

Thomas Rhett has earned his loyal fanbase with his emerging and increasing variety of stylistic choices and his relatable lyrics of his country music poster family. With inspiration from his singer-songwriter father, Rhett Akins, and one of his favorite artists, Bruno Mars, there is never a moment where a Thomas Rhett song doesn’t fit perfectly. In honor of the 2021 ACM Male Artist of the Year winner’s birthday, we are highlighting five of his songs that you may have missed.

1. "Sorry For Partyin’"

“Dear Grandma in Georgia who ain’t even up / Yeah that picture wasn’t for you / Yeah, that’s just my luck."

Off of his debut album, It Goes Like This (2013), "Sorry For Partyin'" is a youthful sorry letter to bosses, strangers, neighbors and even grandma for “Partying and Bacardi’n.”

2. "Learned It From The Radio"

“Thank God for four-wheel drive / Thank God for windows down / And all the DJ’s in those little static towns / How to live, how to love / Everything I need to know / I learned it from the radio."

This track was co-written by Thomas Rhett alongside powerhouse Nicolle Gaylon and pays homage to the FM stations that taught him everything he knows. This is quite full circle considering now, some of Rhett’s songs on the radio have taught us some lessons too.

3. "Smooth Like The Summer"

“We don’t really care if our hands ain’t stamped / Yeah, we always find a way in / The streets are so alive, yeah, we’re running all the lights.”

“Smooth Like The Summer” is the perfect addition to your playlist for driving with the

windows down — those days will be here before you know it.

4. "Up"

“You can’t hear the angels singing / If you never played the devil a song / And you don’t know what it’s like / To come back if you’ve never been gone.”

With another powerhouse of writers including Rhett, Ashley Gorley, Shane McAnally and Jesse Frasure, “Up” perfectly captures the reality of life’s obstacles and you can’t be found until you are a little lost.

5. "Blame It on a Backroad"

“Blame it on a two-lane, no-name / Way out in the middle of nowhere / Where that gravel gets you flying / Like a free bird, reverb / One hand out the window like I don’t care / But I’m goanna keep on driving / ‘Til there’s peace of mind way deep down in my soul."

This upbeat song is another great reason to “go M.I.A. right around sunset time” and

gives you an excuse to listen to each song on this list.

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