Undiscovered: Five Faith Hill Songs We Keep Coming Back To

Being one of the most successful country music artists of all time, Faith Hill rose to fame after being spotted singing back-up at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee. Her first album, Take Me As I Am, guaranteed her success after debuting in 1993. Since then, Hill has gone on to be a five-time Grammy Award-winning artist, selling more than 40 million albums worldwide. In celebration of Faith Hill’s 54th birthday, here are five songs that you may have forgotten, but are nevertheless imperative to her success.

1. “Just Around The Eyes” (1993) from the album Take Me As I Am

“Don’t tell me I still love him, that has to be a lie. It’s just something in your touch, and only when you smile, and only for a moment, just around the eyes.”

2. “A Room In My Heart” (1995) from the album It Matters to Me

“If you walk softly on this worn-out wooden floor, and leave behind you the hurt you’ve had before, there’s a room in my heart for you.”

3. “Me” (1998) from the album Faith

“What you get is what you see, no second-guessing, no pretending. With you, all I ever have to be is me.”

4. “I Got My Baby” (1999) from the album Breathe

“I looked in your eyes, and all I could see was forever. What a fine day, a fine day indeed. When you showed up, I fell in love. Now look at me. I got my baby!”

5. “Paris” (2005) from the album Fireflies

“I’d steal the Mona Lisa, tear it up in little pieces, and lay them at your feet for all the world to see. But tonight I can’t give you Paris.”

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