Undiscovered: Five Underrated Darius Rucker Songs

When looking through all of Darius Rucker’s individual songs, it can be hard to choose the most underrated and undiscovered hits. Starting back in 2002 with his very first individual album, Back to Then, all the way to today, Rucker has released nothing but meaningful, upbeat songs. Here is a list of some of the five best-undiscovered songs in Darius Rucker’s extensive discography.

1. “Your Cheatin’ Heart”

“Your Cheatin’ Heart” is a track originally done by Hank Williams in 1952. It has been covered and had several renditions done by artists like Patsy Cline to Elvis Presley. Darius Rucker takes this classic and makes it completely his own. He adds his own country twang to refresh this old hit. This cover can be found on his True Believers album. It is one you do not want to skip.

2. “Story to Tell”

“Story to Tell” is such a vivid, storytelling song (as noted by its fitting title). You can visualize Rucker’s lyrics, especially as he sings, “I grew up in the country, six kids in a two-room shack / Soon as I learned those three chords, I had a guitar on my back / I wanted to carry a football, that dream came and went real soon / Made it through two years of college, thank God I can carry a tune.” This upbeat tune is on his album, When Was the Last Time released in 2017.

3. “All I Want”

This song is definitely an underrated gem. It is the perfect song to line dance to, mimicking the twangy style of “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” by Brooks & Dunn. Don’t believe me? You can do any line dance to this song (I’ve tried it). This absolute bop is on Rucker’s album, Learn to Live from 2008.

4. “Let Her Cry (Live) – 2019 Remaster”

Originally done with his previous band, Hootie and the Blowfish, this rendition done by Rucker as a solo artist truly shows off his talent and range. In this song, you can hear how genuine Darius Rucker’s voice is. He has such a pure, deep voice with a small underlying, raspy tone exuding raw emotion. This live cover is perfect, if not better than the original.

5. “Hold On”

When hearing the beginning, this song does not sound traditionally country. It has a hip-hop beat with a country harmonica tune in the background. It almost has a southern gospel vibe to it, which reminds listeners of his Charleston roots. If you are looking for a good Sunday morning country song, check it out on his first solo album, Back to Then.

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