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Undiscovered: Five Underrated Songs in Taylor Swift's Discography

Taylor Swift was born on this day in 1989, and to celebrate the country star turned pop icon's special day, we've conjured a list of some of our favorite underrated tracks by unstoppable the singer-songwriter.

1. "Tied Together with a Smile" from Taylor Swift (2006)

Although very early on in Swift's career, her thoughtful lyricism was on full display with this empathetic track. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she shared that "Tied Together with a Smile" was written about one of her friends who struggled with an eating disorder. Although the lyricism leans on the simpler side, the idea shared is relatable and meaningful as she sings, "Hold on, baby; you're losing it / The water's high, you're jumping into it / And letting go, and no one knows / That you cry, but you don't tell anyone / That you might not be the golden one."