Undiscovered: Five Zac Brown Band Songs We Think You’ll Love

Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band has completed another lap around the sun today and to celebrate, we dug deep into his band’s repertoire to share with you some of their best songs that you may have missed out on.

1. “Keep Me In Mind”

“We always go our separate ways, but no one can love you baby the way I do. Keep me in mind, somewhere down the road you might get lonely. Keep me in mind, and I pray someday that you will love me only.”

2. “One Day”

“One day with you, is all that it takes to bring me back again, I fall. I’m always careless, never concerned where I land.”

3. “Jolene”

“It’s been so long since I’ve seen your face, or felt a part of this human race.  I’ve been living out of this here suitcase for way too long. Man needs something he can hold onto.”

4. “Finish What We Started” featuring Brandi Carlile

“Look at all the love we built, It will carry on and on and on and even though this hurts, this will lead us to better days.”

5. “Start Over”

“Let’s catch the first place that leaves to the sea. I’ll go anywhere just as long as you’re there with me. And you see it won’t take no time to get back that fire. Baby, I know we can light it up again.”

Happy birthday, Zac Brown!

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