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Zac Brown Band and Cody Johnson "Wild Palomino" Song Review

Zac Brown Band released a new version of their song "Wild Palomino" that features fellow Warner Music artist Cody Johnson. Johnson's past cowboy experience undoubtedly played a role in his love for the song.

The band released their latest album The Comeback in the fall of 2021, which included "Wild Palomino." Their song "Same Boat" became a breakout song about wanting to see the similarities in people instead of what makes them different. Johnson has had a breakout year himself. "Till You Can't" became anthem for so many, and it charted at No. 1 on country radio. The band and Johnson has timed this remix perfectly as fans are craving music from both of them.

This song showcases the true artistry and story telling that comes from country music. It can be viewed as a love letter to oneself, or for another person. "You can't put reins on a wild palomino / And you won't see an old cowboy cry / Long as God's still at church and hard work still works / And this collar on my shirt's still blue / I'll never stop loving you."