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Zach Bryan "Dawns" feat. Maggie Rogers Song Review

Zach Bryan has become one of the most intriguing voices in today's current musical landscape. The singer-songwriter had previously stated that if the Philadelphia Eagles made it to the NFC championship, he would drop a new track. The release of "Dawns" comes as a thank-you for the team's win.

Bryan is an artist that has always marched to the beat of his own drum. His fans were always proud that his music didn't seem to draw mainstream attention. Within the last year, however, more and more people have taken notice of the "Something In The Orange" singer. Critically acclaimed music and appearances on Yellowstone have helped Bryan to be a dynamic force in country music and he even got a GRAMMY nomination. He is a songwriter to the core, and it's evident in his dynamic stories.

"Dawns" is enhanced by the added vocals of indie folk-pop artist Maggie Rogers. Together, they create a mystical yet eerie sound that is unique. Bryan and Rogers find a harmony that sounds as if they were meant to croon together. This track also contains varying tempos depending on what they are singing about. The production and the lyrics both work to evoke a song about the depth of heartbreak.