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Artists that Had a Big 2021 Thanks to TikTok

With the ability to go viral on social media platforms like TikTok, country music artists can grow their followings in a matter of minutes. We have compiled a list of five country artists that thrived in 2021 thanks to the uber-popular social media app, TikTok.

1. Walker Hayes

Hayes released a video in June with himself and his daughter dancing along to his single, “Fancy Like.” The dance immediately got attention and went viral on TikTok. It gained so much recognition that Applebee’s decided to bring back their Oreo Shake, a treat that Hayes features in the lyrics of the song. The No. 1 hit is even nominated for a Grammy at the upcoming 2022 award show.

#fancylike ooooooooo💪

2. Hannah Dasher

As Dasher stayed at home during the pandemic, she decided to start a cooking series on her TikTok page called “Stand By Your Pan.” The success from this series, as well as Dasher’s incredible vocal chops, led to The Half Record, a five-song project with Sony that highlights Dasher’s personality.