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Jason Aldean “Whiskey Me Away” Song Review

Jason Aldean released his brand new single “Whiskey Me Away” on Friday, December 3. The recent Grammy nominee also announced the second installment of his double album is titled Georgia and will be released on April 22nd.

Aldean wasted little time when giving fans even more new music. The first installment of his 10th studio album came out on November 12. Macon has received critical acclaim and the lead single “if I Didn’t Love You” featuring Carrie Underwood is still riding high off two consecutive weeks at No. 1. “After nine albums and 16 years of recording, I hope people can tell I wanted to make this tenth album fun and different from anything we’ve done before,” said Aldean. Georgia will have 15 new songs, and “Whiskey Me Away” is the first taste.

Written by Morgan Wallen, Rodney Clawson, Jeff Hyde, and Driver Williams, this song is as captivating as any of Aldean’s music. What starts as a slow-tempo track picks up steam by the chorus and continues to build. Aldean’s signature guitar riffs take the song to a country-rock sound his fans know and love.

“Whiskey Me Away” begins as a familiar story, where a guy walks into a bar hoping to forget about the loneliness he feels until he meets someone new. “You got the lonely I brought in here, almost gone without a trace, I know I’ve had a few, yeah, but I’m buzzing on you, you’re a h