Kameron Marlowe “Steady Heart” Song Review

Up-and-comer Kameron Marlowe released his brand new single “Steady Heart” on Friday, November 5th. After teasing the song on TikTok and seeing the reaction, Marlowe decided to give his fans what they have been asking for.

Marlowe is undoubtedly one of the hottest new acts in Nashville. The North Carolina native appeared as a contestant on season 15 of the NBC hit show, The Voice. He went on to sign with Columbia Nashville and released his debut single “Giving You Up” to much success. Marlowe recently made his Grand Ole Opry debut where he was also awarded his first gold plaque for the debut single.

“Steady Heart” is exactly what you this it is: a timeless love song. This song in particular is a favorite of the singer-songwriter, holding on to it until it felt like the right time. The track is a love story about finding that person who balances you and makes you better. “The lyrics are these striking images, and I’d never written a song as based in visuals as this one,” said Marlowe. Marlowe also had a more personal inspiration for the song. “My parents have been together for almost 30 years and their relationship definitely came to mind when we were writing this. There’s something about their dynamic that really demonstrated that balance with me,” said Marlowe.

"Steady Heart" by Kameron Marlowe

The lyrics found on this track are guaranteed to be the soundtrack for couples everywhere. “But God only knows where we’ll end up, When you mix my calloused ways with her sweet touch, She’s a candlelight in all my dark, When we come together we’re the best of who we are, My stubborn mind and her steady heart.” Marlowe, along with co-writers Jessi Alexander and Dan Isbell, perfectly capture the give and take between two people in love. It’s a beautiful theme about bringing out the best in one another that makes it a classic song.

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