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You're Invited to The Nash News' 30th On The Verge Writer's Round

The Nash News will host its 30th writer's round with independent and up-and-coming artists this Thursday, July 6th from 6-9 p.m. in downtown Nashville at Assembly Food Hall in the Fifth and Broad complex.

Artists performing include Paulina Jayne, Madison Steinbruck, Kamryn Murphy, Jillian Cardarelli, Elia Esparza, Ryan Boey, Olivia Gunn, Katie Jack, and Aaron Clafton. Get to know the artists and their music below.

Paulina Jayne

Made in Detroit and a Nashville resident, Paulina Jayne’s urban country music is a marriage of the storytelling elements of country, the edge of rock and roll, the danceability of pop, and the thoughtfulness of folk. An energy-infectious, moment-making, candid, and rollercoaster p